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About the use of cookies on this website

A cookie is a small snippet of code that the websites you visit send to your browser. Its function is diverse, for example:

  • There are preference cookies, which serve, for example, to remember the language you have chosen to navigate.
  • There are process cookies, which when accessing a private area store some data to remember it when you return. And if you’re in an online store, they allow you to fill out the shopping cart as you choose products.
  • There are also security cookies , which are used to prevent someone else from fraudulently using your access credentials.

In these cases cookies make websites more useful for you.

In this site we also use analysis cookies , specifically for Google Analytics to give us information about visits, always anonymously, so we can improve the content we offer.

For us cookies are a resource to make the website more effective, useful and practical for you. We always respect your privacy and that of all the people who visit us, as it should be.

Cookies that are used

Cookie Purpose
wordpress_logged_in_ [hash] / wordpress_ [hash] User identification
wordpress_test_cookie Check the operation of cookies
tk_ni / tk_ai / tk_qs Internal user metrics identified
wordpress-setting-xxxx / wordpress-setting-time-xxxx Personalization of the administration interface of the site
wordpress_sec_ [hash] Connection of the administrative area with the WordPress service
viewed_cookie_policy Indicates whether the cookies warning has been shown
moove_gdpr_popup Indicates the cookies preferences of the current user
gsScrollPos- [num] Interactive map view optimization cache
utma / utmb / utmc / utmt / utmz / _ga / _gat / _gac / _gid Used by Google Analytics to differentiate users. Compiles data about interaction with the website
AMP_TOKEN Identification of Google Analytics AMP Client ID


You can change your mind and delete cookies whenever you want

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You can also check and manage cookies installed on your computer. That’s why you need to change your browser settings. You will find detailed information in the following links: