E-Commerce with WooCommerce

WordPress is your opportunity to start selling seriously on the Internet

Thanks to the WooCommerce plugin, WordPress is the most used e-commerce platform in the world and the one that generates more business volume. It combines simplicity and performance like no other solution, and its Libre Software nature gives you great flexibility.

Is WooCommerce the best option for an online business?

At Fesomia we have always been very agnostic about software types, brands, and trends. But we can guarantee that WooCommerce is an excellent solution that effectively covers any online sales need

For large and small businesses

Some people associate WooCommerce with small businesses and, indeed, it has been for a long time. But in recent years, many large stores are migrating to this platform, demonstrating that it can manage large amounts of data and transactions with agility. With a professional implementation, WordPress can successfully handle any business dimension.

Freedom is flexibility

As Free Software, WordPress and WooCommerce can be adapted to a wide range of requirements, however specific they may be. Here are some of the basic features to start imagining others for your business.

  • Multiple languages, currencies, and taxes. And thanks to geo-positioning, you can offer a personalized shopping experience, automatically.
  • Stock control. Keep up to date the availability of each product
  • Products with infinite variations. Dimensions, colors, sizes, finishes… each one with its prices, stocks, and images.
  • Physical and digital sales.  If you are offering downloadable products, you can even manage them in combination with the physical ones.
  • Multiple payment methods. Credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, cash on delivery, Bitcoin… or free of charge. Your customer chooses.
  • A variety of shipping systems, including in-store pickup only for the products or locations you specify. Shipping costs can also be segmented by product and/or location.
  • Sales, revenue, customer, stock and any parameter reports.

These are just a few of the essential WooCommerce features. At Fesomia we can implement any particular feature that your business requires.

A professional implementation is the first step to saving money and problems

At Fesomia we suggest you a work method to avoid any regrets during the management of your online business, with the following phases:

  • A detailed approach to the characteristics to be implemented.
  • Right sizing of the necessary infrastructure.
  • Quality design and development.
  • Installation and proper platform security.
  • Users training.
  • Support in business operation management.
  • System maintenance and monitoring.

And all this at a predictable, sensible cost, with zero surprises.