If you’re looking for full control of appearance and functionalities, you need a unique theme for you.

With a custom theme, with just the right features and with an exclusive look, you will have in your hands the perfect website for your project.

Dressing WordPress with an exclusive theme has many advantages:

  • Your site will show a unique design, different from any other.
  • It will be provided with the just and necessary functionalities you require, without residual source code.
  • You will not be dependent on third-party updates. You’ll have all the source code under control and enjoy a more secure WordPress.
  • Your site will be fast and light.
  • At Fesomia we develop in a standard and respectful way with the WordPress Codex, so you will have the freedom to make the modifications you want in the future, you or any other developer, without any problem.

We handle WordPress professionally

WordPress is a beautiful web development system that simplifies things, but it is not the only ingredient needed to accomplish a professional result.

At Fesomia we follow a rigorous work method that starts from analysis to maintenance in production. We study architecture, usability, accessibility, interaction design, human conditioning factors and the technological environment before we start writing a single line of code.

Let’s talk. With your help, we will build a successful, efficient and unsurprising project.