WordPress means blog

In 2003 WordPress appeared on the scene to change the phenomenon of blogs forever, managing today practically all these media. It’s not the only platform available, but it’s certainly the first one you should consider if you’re thinking about creating a blog.

If your blog is critical, choose a professional installation

With its growing popularity, WordPress supports a wide variety of implementations. A careful analysis of needs and a good knowledge of the existing possibilities allows us to offer you the best possible installation for your project.

Theme and plugins analysis

Today, the catalog of themes, plugins and other complements available for WordPress is enormous. For this reason, a rational choice of components is essential to ensure a stable and efficient environment.

At Fesomia we also develop plugins and custom themes if the ones you need do not yet exist.

Hosting and maintenance

If you already own your infrastructure, we will recommend you the most convenient configuration to ensure a successful installation and operation. We can also work with your regular hosting provider if this is your situation. And, of course, at Fesomia we can offer you a high-performance professional hosting service directly, correctly configured and 100% managed by us.